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Listed on bloggers4labour!

Oooh, how exciting. My request to be listed on the bloggers4Labour site has been granted!

Mind you, I’m now a bit nervous as I thought it would take a few days to be listed and I thought I would have a bit of time to write a proper political post before then.

I have started one but it’s the first time I’ve ever put my thoughts on politics down on paper. I joined the Labour Party when I was at school because my family have always been Labour. For one reason or another, I never got involved when I lived at home and being at university was too much fun to get involved in politics. So there might be a bit of a delay before my first political post. It’s going to be a bit of an analysis about why I’m a member of the Labour party…


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Other bloggers

I’ve been going through the Bloggers4Labour list and most of the bloggers seem quite scary. Not in a nasty aggressive sort of a way, but it terms of what they know. The arguments in some of the comments are really quite full on.

But not all of them seem so rah and I’ve decided to link the The Wonderful World of Lola as she likes Eastenders, the West Wing, shopping and food which are all favourite subjects of mine too! Though we haven’t got a tele so I haven’t watched Enders (or any tele at all!) since leaving uni in June.

We’re just lazy, I think and it’s been so nice that we’d rather spend our evenings in the beer garden of our local pub. We’ve met far more people that way than it we’d stayed in watching TV!

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Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone (anyone?!) and welcome to my blog.

I used to run a blogspot blog but it kind of died a death and I forgot my password and never really thought about it again until I stumbled across the Bloggers 4 Labour website this morning and thought “I’d like to do that”.

So here I am, trying out wordpress at my cousin’s recommendation. She’s a teacher and won’t let me link to her blog in case anyone discovers her true identity… A Maths teacher by day, a blogger by night.

Anyway, this isn’t about her, it’s about me.

Not that there’s much to tell. I graduated this summer with a 2.1 (yay for me!) and I now live with my two best friends and of their brothers in a horrible flat in east London. The rent is high and the standards are low.

Much to my father’s disgust, I haven’t yet found my job/career of choice and I’m resisting his suggestions of going into teaching myself. It’s kind of a family thing. He’s a teacher, my mum was a teacher, my cousin, her husband and her parents are teachers and my baby brother is talking about becoming a teacher. So I’m temping at the moment to pay the bills and hoping that my Big Break will come along soon. Trouble is, I don’t know what I want to do!!!

So that’s me. I’m Amy, I’m 21 years old, I’ve got a degree and I’m career-less. I’m also single (boooo). Oh, and I’m a member of the Labour party, though I’ve never been to a single meeting. I never even got round to joining Labour students!

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