Apologies for lack of updates…

…but I’ve been ill.

I ate a dodgy takeaway and spent most of last week waiting to die. Never felt so bad in my life. Happily feeling a lot better now and will be back at work tomorrow. Got dressed today for the first time since being ill and it’s amazing what putting on proper clothes instead of what are now a very smelly pair of pyjamas will do for your psychological well being.

Other good news is that Fuzzy Wabbit and Top Cat have finally admitted what Cookie Monster says she knew all along and Bag Puss has been in denial about — and have copped off! So being so ill was actually a good thing. I think. A silver lining anyway.

I woke TC up on Wednesday night as I crashed my way to the bathroom and he stayed up with me all night and took Thursday and Friday off work to look after me. I don’t remember much about it, although CM and BP assure me that he was a perfect gentleman and while he cleaned the bathroom after me, he left them to, erm, clean me… Happily I don’t remember that either, but CM and BP tell me that I owe them months and months of goodwill and drinkies to make up for it. /blush

Anyway, by Sunday evening I was recovered enough to have The Talk with my puke-and-other-unmentionables-cleaning-saviour, though by the time I woke up yesterday he’d gone to work and I had to wait until he got home to get him to reassure me that I hadn’t in fact been delerious and that The Talk was not a product of my imagination.

It’s taken us years and years to get to this point. It nearly happened in the summer of my first year at uni when CM and I went to stay with BP at her parents’ house in Yorkshire but one thing sadly did not lead to another, but it’s happened now and I am very happy 🙂 Especially as I’m feeling better but not at work so am curled up on the sofa listening to the radio and my head has stopped pounding whenver I so much as look at my computer which means I can go online. And CM made me yummy chicken soup for lunch which I am waiting until my normal lunch hour to devour. I spoke to work and the agency this morning and reassured them that I am alive and will be back at my desk tomorrow. Work were lovely and I’m suddenly looking forward to going back, which is most unexpected. Maybe they’re not so bad after all.


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