I think I’ve already said that my fat mates don’t want to be identified on my blog so we’ve come up with some pseudonyms.

In a unanimous vote, everyone decided that I am Fuzzy Wabbit.

This is me:

Fuzzy Wabbit

In my first year at uni, I shared a corridor with Cookie Monster and Bagpuss. We’ve lived together ever since.

This is Cookie Monster:

Cookie Monster

And this is Bagpuss:


We also live with Bagpuss’s older brother, Top Cat. He moved to London a few years ago but his best mate has just bought a house with his girlfriend so he decided to slum it with us newcomers for a bit. He likes bossing us all about though to be fair to him, he’s a great cook, does his fair share of the housework and knows all the best places to go out.

Top Cat

And that’s us.

I should also introduce my dad and my little brother.

Dad’s a teacher and last summer me and my bro decided he reminded us of Professor Flitwick from Harry Potter as he’s only ickle!

Professor Flitwick

And then there’s my little brother. He’s the class clown:




  1. I LOVED Bagpus I have a DVD with all of the epsiodes ever made! Don’t worry about the political nature of the blog, I have a combination of both political and personal nature.

  2. […] the grouch coming back into play this morning…funny thing i always confused oscar with the cookie monster…now i know […]

  3. Me said

    I love the cookie monster!

  4. Bill Magrill said

    I never knew Bagpus had an older brother named Top Cat.


  5. Hank said

    I Love You

  6. susan said

    oh pleeeeeease……wtf????? could you be any more obscure? well of course you could…

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