Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone (anyone?!) and welcome to my blog.

I used to run a blogspot blog but it kind of died a death and I forgot my password and never really thought about it again until I stumbled across the Bloggers 4 Labour website this morning and thought “I’d like to do that”.

So here I am, trying out wordpress at my cousin’s recommendation. She’s a teacher and won’t let me link to her blog in case anyone discovers her true identity… A Maths teacher by day, a blogger by night.

Anyway, this isn’t about her, it’s about me.

Not that there’s much to tell. I graduated this summer with a 2.1 (yay for me!) and I now live with my two best friends and of their brothers in a horrible flat in east London. The rent is high and the standards are low.

Much to my father’s disgust, I haven’t yet found my job/career of choice and I’m resisting his suggestions of going into teaching myself. It’s kind of a family thing. He’s a teacher, my mum was a teacher, my cousin, her husband and her parents are teachers and my baby brother is talking about becoming a teacher. So I’m temping at the moment to pay the bills and hoping that my Big Break will come along soon. Trouble is, I don’t know what I want to do!!!

So that’s me. I’m Amy, I’m 21 years old, I’ve got a degree and I’m career-less. I’m also single (boooo). Oh, and I’m a member of the Labour party, though I’ve never been to a single meeting. I never even got round to joining Labour students!


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